The details of Lightship 116-538   

updated 3 August 2019


Length: 133 feet and 3 inches,   Beam: 30 feet,   Displacement: 630 tons

Propeller: single, 3-bladed, diameter 5 feet and 9 inches

Maximum speed: 9 knots

Anchors: two, mushroom type, 5000 pounds each.   10 Shots of chain for each anchor. One shot = 15 Fathoms or 90 Feet. So 900 ft of chain for each anchor.


USCG Crew (in 1965): 1 Warrant Officer Bos'n, 2 Chiefs and 13 Petty Officers + Sailors


Aids to Navigation on board, as of 1965:

-Light Beacon: two, both on Aft Mast

-Fog Horn: one, air operated diaphone

-HF Radio Direction Finding Beacon: for details see links page

-Bell: one, large on the bow

-Visual: Name of the light station painted on both sides of the ship in large white letters with red background.


 Engineering Specifications, as of 1965:

Diesel-Electric Propulsion Plant with:

-four GM 6-71 Diesel Generator sets, 250v DC ### Amps

-one propulsion motor; 250v DC, 1160 Amps, 350 SHP total

-two GM 3-71 Diesel Generator sets for ship service DC power

-one GM 6-71 75kw Diesel Generator set for ships service AC power

-19,470 gallons of Fuel Oil in six storage tanks (95%)

- 6,698 gallons of Fuel Oil in two settling tanks (95%)

- 1,950 gallons of Potable Water in two storage tanks


  Electronics, as of 1965:


 -one AN/SPN-11: Surface search, RCA model CR103

Navigation LORAN Receiver:

 -one AN/SPN-25: for LORAN-A, RCA model LR-8803


 -two URC-7: HF Transceivers,

HF Radio Direction Finder Transmitting system:

 -two TB-142 HF Radio Direction Finding beacon transmitters,

Compass: magnetic compass only except during WW2, which had a Sperry Mark XVIII Gryo Compass added for the duration of the war.


 Deck Equipment:


2 mushroom type, 5000 lbs each

amount of Anchor Chain: 10 shots (900 feet) per anchor

2 small boats


more info to be added as time allows.